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Battle Bees FAQ


Q: What is Battle Bees?

A: Battle Bees is a top down Battle Royale game. 20 Blimps start in each match and you have to fight and survive to be the last blimp standing!


Q: How do I play Battle Bees?

A: Once you start your match, you have to gather, weapons, shields and helpful “Wing Bees” to fight and survive. Use your left thumb button to move around and use your right thumb button to aim by dragging at the direction of your enemy and shooting by letting go of the thumb button. Please refer to the tutorial for more details.


Q: I see little bees sitting around the map waiting to be picked up…what are those?

A: Those are “Wing Bees”! These little bees are randomly scattered across the map. Each one gives you a specific power-up. One bee may grant you, shield or meds, another may grant you ammo and even stronger abilities! Choose wisely, because you can only have two wing bees at a time!


Q: Each time I eliminate blimp, their bee comes over to my blimp. Why?

A: That’s your visual tracker showing how many eliminations you have. Their bee is now your bee :)


Q: What kind of weapons can I use?

A: All kinds! Choose from flame throwers, to ice throwers, lasers, rocket launchers, machine guns and snipers. You can even use fire, ice or honey novas that can cause a ton of damage but use them wisely as they need a 5 second cool down if you want to blast anyone else.


Q: What are stingers?

A: Stingers are extra abilities that your blimp has. You can drop a fire bomb, ice bomb, give yourself a temporary shield, you can drop a health bomb to grant temporary health to you or anyone near you.  You can even suck away your opponents weapons. Be careful because if you’re too close, you’ll lose your weapons too! When you start, you are granted one stinger and as you progress you get more slots to equip more stingers!


Q: Can I Turbo Boost my blimp?

A: Sure you can, press down on the turbo boost icon located between the map and your right thumb button and you’ll get a temporary turbo boost!


Q: I think I just saw a bear in the game?

A: You sure did! He’s pretty chill, unless your covered in honey, then he has absolutely no chill!


Q: Is that a Bird?

A: Yup, that bird is guarding some great loot! Go for the loot without making the bird…angry.


Q: Can I have custom private matches?

A: Yes you can! Just tap “Private Battle”, then tap “create”, a room code will be generated! Give your buddies the room code so they can join you! Press “Battle” when every one is in and have fun! 


Q: How can I contact you?

A: Click here! 


Q: If I buy a skin, does it give me a better competitive advantage?

A: Changing your blimp skin will not make you a better player, however, it will make you stand out by looking unique and super cool and BEE-UTIFUL!


Q: What are BuzzBucks and HoneyComb?

A: That’s our in-game currency which allows you to buy skins, emotes and all kinds of other Bee-dazling items!

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